Item No. Description Price
CH-926 2-26: Helps prevent electrical failures caused by 
moisture and corrosion
CH-927 Stor & Lube: Long term lubricant and rust preventative $4.90
CH-928 Silicone: clear multi-purpose lubricant that waterproofs
and protects
CH-929 Lectra Shield: Long term outdoor protection, prevents corrosion $5.00
CH-930 Cutting Oil: Thread cutting compound for ferrous and non-ferrous
metals to free rusted bolts and nuts
CH-931 CO Contact Cleaner: Precision cleaner for sensitive contacts and
CH-932 Lectra Clean: Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for electric
motors and equipment.
CH-933 Cable Clean: Splice and termination cleaner $12.90
CH-934 Zinc-It: Cold galvanize coating $7.60
CH-935 Urethane Seal Coat: Electrical/electronic conformal coating $6.20
CH-936 RTV Silicone Sealant: Clear, general purpose in 8 oz. automatic