Premier Line
7 Conductor - One 8GA, One 10GA, Five 12GA wires 
Meets or exceeds all rigid requirements of SAE J560b & SAE J1067, color coded to ATA specs. They are rugged yet lightweight, stay flexible at all temperature extremes. Complete w/heavy duty die-cast plugs & cable guards.
Item No. Description Price
TC-15202 10' Normal to 12' Maximum Working Length $60.25
TC-15212 12' Normal to 15.5' Maximum Working Length $73.30
TC-15222 15' Normal to 18.5' Maximum Working Length $86.93
Coiled Assembly
TC-15302 $52.68
Color coded to ATA standard specifications. Not recommended for application on vehicles equipped with anti-skid circuits or on tandem trailer applications where excessive voltage drop is likely to occur.
10'-12' Normal to 14' Maximum Working length. 12" lead length
TC-15402 $46.45
Color coded to SAE specifications. Complete with zinc die-cast plugs & cable guards.
12' Normal to 14' Maximum Working length. 12" lead length
Coiled Air Assemblies
These coiled air assemblies are built to conform to SAE J844 & DOT 106 for type 3B nylon tubing. They have more coils per unit to give greater working distance which prevents overstretching & gives longer life. Heavy duty steel springs are used to eliminate kinking. Poly-bagged.
Item No. Description Price
Short Sets
TC11-312 1 Set 12 foot working distance with 8 inch spring 
protected leads.
TC11-310 Individual coil - red only $30.34
TC11-311 Individual coil - blue only $30.34
Universal Sets
TC11-315 1 Set 15 foot working distance with 12 inch spring 
protected leads.
TC11-317 Individual coil - red only $35.11
TC11-318 Individual coil - blue only $35.11
Long Lead Sets
TC11-340 1 Set 15 foot working distance with one 12 inch and 
one 40 inch spring protected leads.
TC11-338 Individual coil - red only $42.45
TC11-339 Individual coil - blue only $42.45
Universal Gladhand
Item No. Description Price
TC-320 Die-cast aluminum Body conforms to SAE J318 
Connects to 1/2" pipe
TC-325 Gladhand seal $73.30