High Sound Level, Extra Heavy Duty
BA-124 $161.15
BAC-A-LARM, Adjustable sound, fingertip control 112-107-97 decibels.Best known high decibel alaram in industry. Versatile field proven veteran. Still in high demand, this symbol of safety has made its mark with high usage over the past thirteen years.
• Multi-voltage - 6 to 36 volts.
• Universal Mounting bracket.
High Sound Level, Extra Heavy Duty
BA-390 300 Series $100.54
112 and 107 decibels. Protected adjustable sound. A high sound level alarm that's both tough and compact. Designed for versatility and maximum value.
• Multi-voltage - 6 to 36 volts.
• Universal Mounting.
Medium Sound Level
BA-45AA $109.92
BA-45A $83.15
B-45AA: Adjustable sound - fingertip control 107-87 decibels.
B-45A: Single level sound 107 decibels.
The most popular medium sound level back up alarm in the industry. Features field proven diecast aluminum housing.
• Multi-voltage - 6 to 36 volts.
• Universal Mounting.
Low sound level
BA-230 $29.00
BA-220 $31.85
B-230: 97 decibels, 12 volt systems.
B-220: 87 decibels, 12 volt systems.
Several models of tough, compact value. Choose according to sound level need.
Self-Adjusting sound level
BA-1040 $126.46
Self-adjusting sound level 112 thru 87 decibels. Best value in self-adjusting backup alarms. Versatile and compact. Offers and alternative to sound level "aggravation" by adjusting to environmental noise changes.
• Multi-voltage - 6 to 36 volts.
• Universal Mounting.
CAUTION: This system MUST HEAR the surrounding noise level to properly adjust its sound output. Mount alarm at rear of vehicle, facing the back without obstruction in the listening field
Universal Switches
BA-706 $14.50
Switch for vehicles no equipped with automatic back-up light circuit. Mounts adjacent to reverse shift lever. Spring-loaded lever permits over-travel.
BA-702 $41.06
Deluxe, Heavy-Duty Switch, 15 amp rating, featuring 360 degree movement.