Crimping Tools
Item No. Description Price
TL-450 Heavy duty versatile tool for insulated and non-insulated wire range 26-6 GA $31.00
TL-440 Heavy duty versatile tool for insulated and non-insulated wire range 22-10 GA $15.70
TL-1005 Heavy duty plier type crimping tool for wire range 22-10 GA $21.95
TL-500 Heavy duty professional crimp tool 9 1/2" length. All Purpose $124.39
TL-250 Economy line all purpose tool wire range 22-10 GA $5.95
TL-482 Ratchet type crimps barrel and insulated grip simultaneously. Wire Range 22-10 GA $242.00
TL-484 Ratchet type crimps barrel and insulated grip independently. Wire Range 22-10 GA $125.00
Combination Wire Stripper-Cutters
Item No. Description Price
TL-50 Cutter Only $12.75
TL-56 16-26 GA Stranded $12.50
TL-55 10-20 GA Solid $11.47
TL-57 22-30 GA Solid $12.75
TL-60 10-20 GA Solid or Stranded $12.66
TL-92 Strip easy clean - Solid or Stranded. 8-24 GA $31.90
Wire & Cable Cutters - Strippers
Item No. Description Price
TL-70 Multi-Tool. All purpose 8" tool strips and cuts 10 to 20 GA copper and crimps solderless terminals.  $20.80
TL-40 Clipper compact 5" tool cuts and strips solid and stranded wire, wire range 10-24 GA $6.12
Fuse Pullers
Item No. Description Price
TL-110 For midget 1/4" to 1/2" fuses.  $4.46
TL-120 Pocket 0-200A, 250V & 0-100A, 600V $8.49
TL-130 Giant 61-600A, 250V & 61-600A, 600V $21.27
TL-140 Jumbo 200-800A, 250V & 200-600A, 600V $59.00
Cable Cutters
Item No. Description Price
TL-500 Fast, easy simple cutting of soft copper and aluminum cable. 24" length cuts up to 500 MCM.  $124.39
TL-1000 Same as Tl-500 except 33" length cuts up to 1000 MCM $163.78
TL-75 Rugged 9" tool capacity up to 2/0 copper and 2/0 aluminum  $0.00
Lug & Connector Crimping Tools
Item No. Description Price
TL-406 Heavy duty tool crimps battery terminals, splices and heavy duty rings 6 GA through 4/0 GA.  $0.00
TL-6220 Heavy duty tool crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals and splices for wire size 8-2 GA.  $220.00
TL-640 Heavy duty tool with eight crimping slots for 6 GA to 4/0 lugs, terminals, and connectors. Trouble free compact design. $29.90
TL-840 Compact crimping tool use by hammer or vise. Wire range 8-4/0 GA terminals, splices and battery cable lugs. $39.00
Cable Tie Tools
Item No. Description Price
TL-320 Lightweight, durable hand tool used with all 18-50 pound tensile rated ties.  $55.00
TL-330 Adjustable tool installs all 18, 30 and 50 pound ties. Metal - lightweight tool.  $55.00
TL-340 Heavy duty tool designed to be used with 120 and 175 pound ties. A rugged all metal tool $62.43
TL-350 Heavy duty, high quality, assembly line tool, adjustable for 18-50 lbs.  $124.87
HG-600 Heat shrink gun $98.00