Reel Trouble Lights
The CAROLITE grounding type reel meets or exceeds the most demanding specifications that require the grounding of circuits for electrical equipment. Among Carolite's features are grounding outlet in the handle, a grounding molded male cap and an oil resistant cord.
Item No. Cord Type Length Color Rating Price/pc.
DL-44613 18/3 SJO 30' Yellow 7A-125V $75.00
Retractable Reel Trouble Lights
DL-44610 18/3 SVT 20' Orange 6A-125V $40.00
DL-44612 18/2 SVT 20' Yellow 6A-125V $42.85
Fluorescent Trouble Lights
Among the trouble light features are: shatter-resistant outer housing, stays cool while in use. Swivel hook hanger has hooks for horizontal hanging and starter switch in handle.
Item No. Cord Type Length Color Rating Price/pc.
DL-04460 18/2 SJT 90 25' Yellow 15 Watt $45.00
DL-04461 18/2 SJT 90 25' Yellow 8 Watt $45.00
Fluorescent Reel Trouble Lights
DL-44615 18/2 SVT 90 25' Yellow 15 Watt $75.00
Power-Reel, 3 Power-center Outlets, UL Listed
75 C, VU-TRON, Oil Resistant
Item No. Cord Type Length Color Rating Price/pc.
DL-44623 16/3 SJO 25' Yellow 8A/125V $85.00
Emergency Battery Trouble Light
DL-1812V $14.38
Heat resistant polypropylene handle, guard and swivel hook. Compact 12-Volt droplight with a 20 ft. 18 AWG cord, two clips with insulated handles, 50 watt bulb. Simple to use by attaching clips to automotive battery terminals.  
Trouble Lights
Yellow SJT jacket, switch and side outlet. Yellow polypropylene or metal guards with swivel hook. 
Item No. Cord Type Length Color Price/pc.
Yellow Polypropylene Guard
DL-1625P 16/3 25' Yellow $18.60
DL-1650P 16/3 50' Yellow $29.26
Metal Guard
DL-1625M 16/3 25' Yellow $17.00
DL-1650M 16/3 50' Yellow $31.50

Trouble Light Accessories
Item No. Description Price
DL-400 3 Cond. Male Plug $5.31
DL-401 3 Cond. Female Socket $9.00
DL-500 Metal $2.58
DL-501 White polypropylene $2.58
DL-502 Yellow polypropylene $2.58
DL-503 3 Cond. Drop Lite Handle $7.98