Our Quality Product Line
Abrasives   Heat Shrink Tubing (Industrial & Mil Spec)
Adhesives   Hose  Clamps  
Alligator Clips   Ignition Parts, Switches
Automotive Bulbs Ignition Wire, Terminals
Backup Alarms Lamp Cords  
Ballasts   Large Lamps (fluorescent)
Batteries Alkaline Light Bulbs  
Batteries General Purpose Lugs  
Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Supplies
Batteries Ni-Cad, Ni-MH Meters and Instruments
Battery Accessories Mirrors for Vehicles
Battery Cables Motors  
Battery Clips, Nuts and Bolts Nuts  
Battery Terminals Pigtails  
Body Clips   Pilot Indicator Lights
Booster Cable Assembly Plugs (U-Blade and Connectors)
Booster Cable Clamps Power Conditioning (Pwr Factor, Spike/Sag)
Bulbs   Power Cords (S, SO, SJ, SJO)
Bus Parts (OEM / Aftermarket) Power Supplies, incl. UPS systems
Cable Cutters   Pumps  
Cable Ties   Quick Disconnects and Splices
Cables (all types) Rail Parts (electrical)
Chemicals Automotive Relays  
Chemicals Commercial Rescue Equipt. And Parts
Chemicals Industrial Respirators  
Circuit Breakers Rough Service  Bulbs
Communication Equipment and Parts RTV Silicone  
Computer Networking Equipment Rubber Grommets
Connectors   Safety Equipment
Copper Lugs   Safety Glasses
Cotter Pins   Safety Products
Crimping Tools School Bus Parts
Drill Bits Carbide Scotch Locks  
Drill Bits Cobalt Screws (Machine, Self-Tapping, etc.)
Drill Bits Diamond Sealed Beam Head Lights
Drill Bits High Speed Security / Alarm Equipment and Parts
Drill Bits General Purpose Self Drilling Screws
Drop Lights   Solderless Terminals
Duct Seal   Solenoids  
Duct Tape   Speaker Wire  
Electrical Tape Split Bolt Connectors
Electronic Parts Split-Loom, spiral, and fabric loom.
Escalator Parts Starters  
Extension Cords Storage Racks, Cabinets, Boxes
Fans   Straps, Hold-Down
Fasteners   Strobe Lights  
Fender Washers Switches and Sensors - all types
Fire Equipment and Parts Tape - full line of adhesive tape.
Fish Tapes   Telephone Equipment
Flashers   Testers  
Flashlights   Tools  
Fuse Assortments Trailer Cable, Connectors, & Acc.
Fuse Blocks   Transmitters  
Fuse Holders   Transportation Parts
Fuses Automotive Trouble Lights & Acc.
Fuses Electronics Ty-rap mounts  
Fuses High-Current Ty-Wraps  
Fuses Power Distribution Vibration Isolation Pads
Fuses General Purpose Voltage Regulators
Fusible Link Wire Washers (hardware)
Gloves   Welding Cable  
Grease Fittings Wiper Blades  
Grimes Door Lights Wire - All types, aviation, mil spec, commercial…
Grommets   Wire Markers  
Hacksaw Blades Wire Nuts  
Hand Tools   Wire-Spool Racks
Hardware   Zip Cord  
Homeland Security Police Equipment
Hazmat Suits   Ballistic Vests / Armor
Gas Masks   Gloves  
Decon Foam Equipment Utility Belts (Safariland, etc)
Metal Detectors, All Types Light Bars / Strobes / Bumpers
Radiation Detectors, All Types Sirens / PA Systems
Communication Systems Vehicle Battery Monitors
Gas Monitors / Analyzers Night Vision Scopes & Accessories.
ICS Accessories, Command Boards AVL Systems  
Fire Equipment Correctional Facilities
Fire Extinguishers CCTV Equipment
Bunker Boots   Chemicals  
Bunker Suits   Prison Industry Supplies
Light Bars / Strobes Officer Equipment
Sirens   Metal Detectors, Body Cavity Scanners
Vehicle Battery Monitors Heavy Mechanical Equipment
Flashlights   Access Control Sensors, Card Readers, Switches.
Heavy Mechanical DOT Equipment
HVAC Components Arrow Boards / Message Boards
Chillers   Light Towers / Generators
Compressors   Cones and Barricades
Air Handlers   Specialty Traffic Lights
Cooling Towers LED Lights and Signs
Chemical Storage Tanks Safety Vests and Signs
Pumps (from Portable to 3500 GPM) Trailer Mounted Compressors
And Much, Much More.  
If you are a Governmental Entity looking for a commodity that you do not see listed here,
please call us today as we have such a diversified product line, representing over 4000 
different manufacturers, and we may be able to supply the items you need!
After all, we never stop working to do our best for our customers, 
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